Who We Are

Our History

Secur Global (SG) is one of the first 5PL companies in Pakistan—ensuring end to end, single window, logistics and supply chain solutions for your organization, both beyond and behind your ‘gates’.

Secur Global was formed by collaboration between Al Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT) (which was also at formation in 1999, of Pakistan’s first off-dock full service port terminal set up in collaboration with GAC Logistics) and Security Packers (SP) (a Freight Forwarding Company with nearly 40 years of experience). Thus Secur Global carries the complete financial and performance history of AICT and SP while bringing them into their next natural business domain of fourth and fifth party logistics services.

Secur Global is a multifaceted organization having experience in not just the execution of logistics and logistics related modules but also in developing strategic options and providing comprehensive plan for execution and conducting research to reduce the cycle time, develop infrastructure, do preliminary study and identify all relevant logistics related input variables.

Secur Global 5PL Model

Secur Global provides 5P-Logistics Solutions.
5PL model incorporates a complete and comprehensive logistics and supply chain solution to meet the clients need for:

Our Strategy

SG brings almost a century of experience under its folds leveraged by its cutting edge experience on complete logistics approach. 5PL approach comprises of aggregating all logistics and supply chain values and providing the customer a complete comprehensive research and execution plan with options for implementation.

Secur Global coordinates and understands the requirements of the client. A detailed Concept of Integration Plan (CIP) is formed which covers the following specifics:

  • Detail the understanding of the requirement
  • Security/Risk Assessment
  • Viable options in view of the requirements
  • Supervision Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Schedule Expectations
  • Transport Mode Selection
  • Contacts during execution

Only through a properly outlined plan can there be a clear expectation of the clients and accountability of the parties involved. Secur Global operates transparently with their clients, allowing them visibility and control, educating them in case of unplanned events so that all risks can be mitigated.

Our Services / Core Competencies

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Project Research
  • Infrastructure Development Survey
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehousing and Warehouse Management
  • Strategic Sourcing Solutions
  • Custom Clearance and Custom Clearance Consultancy
  • Port handling
  • Custom Bonded Cargo handling and storage solution
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight

We have over 100 years of collective experience in logistics, supply chain and logistics research and management.

Research Consultancy

Secur Global also provides high quality management and project consulting services through its highly qualified team of analysts and consultants. Selected projects are outline below.

  • Policy papers for Centre of Excellence- China-Pakistan-Economic Corridor (COE-CPEC)

    Recently, the group has undertaken a series of policy papers for the Center of Excellence CPEC, studying various aspects of the China-Pakistan Economic corridor, including socioeconomic impacts, regional financial integration, and trade and industry cooperation. Research for these papers has been conducted through a combination of primary and secondary data collection and high level analysis of the observed data.

  • Trade flow analysis for Frontier Works Organization (FWO)

    The group has also recently undertaken a detailed study of CPEC related trade flows for the Frontier Works Organization (FWO). The project involved conducting a granular analysis of trade data, and quantifying Pak-China trade in terms of commodities, absolute trade values, and modes of transportation. Additionally, the project identified key trade “nodes” within Pakistan, with the goal of identifying potential areas of growth once CPEC reaches operational maturity.

  • Issue Paper on CPEC fiscal and foreign exchange liabilities for Asian Development Bank (ADB)

    Secur Global has completed an issue paper for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) studying fiscal and foreign exchange liabilities associated with CPEC related activity, primarily in the energy and transport sectors. We identified the key foreign exchange outflows that will arise as a result of CPEC foreign direct investment (in the form of profit repatriation) as well as the effects of guaranteed returns on investment promised to FDI project implementers. The paper concludes with the implications of CPEC liabilities on the future balance of payments, and its effects on Pakistan’s growing trade imbalance.

  • Value Chains Issue paper for Asian Development Bank:

    Secur Global has completed an issue paper on Pakistan’s Agricultural Value chains for the Asian Development Bank (ADB). We investigated and analyzed over 25 Agricultural and non-Agricultural value chains and identified challenges both vertically and horizontally across VC activities and actors. The study concludes by proposing fixation of value chains through exports products/services diversification and sophistication in form of a framework that investigates VC challenges, deduces value addition at each stage and activity along the sub supply chains of rural, domestic and Exports markets.

Major Projects & Our Clients

SG is in a unique position to offer not just the solutions but has the capabilities, profile and work history to provide tools to implement these solutions.

  • Karot Hydro-power Project with CTGDC

    Our project with Chinese Three Gorges Technology & Economy Development Co Ltd comprised of the Provision of Custom Clearance Services at Port Qasim and Karachi Port that included Customs Taxation Consultancy, Correspondence with shipping authorities on behalf of CTGDC, Assistance in custom examination process, Appraising of fiscal levies , Secur Global also provided CTGDC Collection, assemblage, and warehousing of delivery Order, Inland transportation of consignment after customs clearance of the shipment, along with consultancy on various matters about import.

  • AICT Terminal Modernization:

    SG has recently undertaken a complete technological modernization of the Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT). AICT is Pakistan’s largest off-dock terminal, with a core service of handling import and export, CY and CFS containers, and an exemplary occupational health and safety record. SG has bolstered the terminal’s operations by providing a modern and innovative IT backbone, employing GPS trackers, optical recognition systems, and waypoint trackers for its day to day operations, and state of the art algorithms for ultra-efficient bay and warehouse management.

  • 2x660 Sahiwal Coal Fire Project

    Our client Huaneng Shandong/COSCO Logistics, in the Sahiwal Coal Fire Project utilized amenities from Secur Global regarding Route Survey, Port Facilities Assessment, and Complete Project Logistics assessment. Port to Plant Logistics Services were Sub-Contracted to COSCO.

  • Suki Kinari & Dassu Hydro Power Project

    SG is currently engaged with CHINA GEZHOUBA GROUP COMPANY LIMITED in development of large-scale, Suki Kinari, run of the river, and Dassu Hydro Power Projects for Clearing Customs and Inland Transportation of importing material and equipment.

  • 220 KVA Grid Station Mardan

    Secur Global took up the Upgrading Project with USAID Energy Policy Program to facilitate the Logistics Route Survey and Complete Project Logistics for 220 KVA Grid Station Mardan Project.

  • 339 Kms Lahore - Islamabad Motorway

    Secur Global Collaborated with Daewoo Corporation S. Korea for Survey, Construction Logistics, Handling and Storage Services.

  • Construction of 5 berths at KPT – West Wharf

    Secur Global took S.T.F.A. TEMEL PILE Construction Co. Turkey as client for Supplier Identification and Evaluation, Logistics Services for Construction Material.

  • Neelum Valley Hydro Power Project

    Our clients for Neelum Valley Hydro Power Project was SKANSKA International Sweden, where SG provided Project Consultancy and feasibility evaluation, Transport Management facilities.

  • Chashma Hydro Power Project

    Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. S. Korea selected Secur Global for Transport Management and Logistics Consultancy services.

  • 125,000 New Phone Line BLT Project At Lahore

    Ericsson Telecom AB, Sweden became our client for 125,000 New Phone Line BLT Project at Lahore for Line Survey, Project Consultancy and Logistics Management services.

  • Saindak Copper and Gold Mines Baluchistan

    We collaborated with Resource Development Corp. Quetta for Custom Clearance, Route Evaluation and Selection, Transport Management amenities.

  • 341 Lahore Development Authority & WAPDA Project

    SG took E.B. NERA Construction Company, Norway as clients for Complete Logistics Management Services.

  • Submarine Cable Project

    SG’s Transport Route Survey and Evaluation along with Project Logistics helped World Food Programme (WFP) & U.N.D.P achieve Afghan Food Relief Supplies & Aid to Afghan Refugees

  • Afghan Food Relief Supplies & Aid to Afghan Refugees

    A Submarine Cable Project was implemented by SUMITOMO Corporation Japan where SG provided all the Custom Clearance Consultancy and Project Logistics.

High Impact Forums

The group takes pride in being part of international and national impact forums, summits and conferences. Our massive footprint in Logistics, Transport and Energy has enabled us to inspire, motivate, encourage entrepreneurship and provoke conversations that matter around ‘connectivity’ dynamics.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani, CEO of Secur Global was invited by ' Belt & Road Services Projects to share his views on logistics and power utilities on 31st May 2017 at Belt and Road Services Connections Summit Beijing (BNRSC 2017).

  • Amer Zafar Durrani, CEO of Secur Global shared his expert opinion at Institute of Rural Management, Islamabad on “CPEC as a driver to Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Rural Development” 17th Jan 2017.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani the CEO was invited by Eisenhower Fellowship Program’s South Asia Rising in Dubai to share his perceptive on CPEC, Regional connectivity: around The Belt and Road Initiative on 26th Feb 2017.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani was a lead mentor and capacity enhanced the NHA representatives at HRTC training program on the Sustainable Infrastructure Finance: Leveraging Public Private Partnership’s module from 2-4th August 2017.

  • Secur Global was a lead sponsor of HEC Conference on CPEC Consortium of Business Schools of China & Pakistan held on 28th& 29th August 2017 at NUST. Our CEO not only chaired the important discussions between the representatives of Chinese and Pakistani renowned intuitions but also highlighted SG work at ‘CPEC and regional connectivity’ forum.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani mentored and briefed the Air Force personnel on 21th August 2017 on ‘Prospects of Aviation Supply chain in CPEC’ aCPEC vis-a-vis Challenges to Aviation industry and way-forward symposium held at Air Head Quarters in Islamabad on 21st August 2017.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani, CEO Secur Global & Reenergia-Enhar was invited by “Belt and Road” Initiative: Building Synergy with EU Policies and Strategies on BOAO Forum for Asia Paris Meeting to share his views on Infrastructure Connectivity between Asia and Europe.

Meet The Team

Our Team


    Mr. Amer Zafar Durrani is a visionary and dynamic leader with proven experience and expertise in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Amer Zafar Durrani, the founding Director of Secur Global and Reenergia, is an acknowledged development expert with over 30 years of development and commercial experience, across 24 countries including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Georgia, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, UAE, USA, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

    Amer has a strong regional profile (Europe, Central Asia, South Asia Region and Somalia) in Trade Facilitation and Transport Logistics through his work on the relevant regional forums for the World Bank. His areas of expertise include energy; transport; roads; railways; ports; highways; aviation; urban transport; regional cooperation, partnerships and outreach; trade logistics; standards, metrology, testing, and quality.

    He has also provided policy advice to a large range of Clients including organizations such as AFFCO (Afghanistan), NTTFC (Pakistan), FIATA, UNCTAD, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), IMMTA, WCO, GAC Shipping, University of Birmingham, National Defence University (Pakistan), Iranian Customs (IRICA) and is also an industry chair for CAC Energy Sector Committee at NUST Islamabad



    Mr. Syed Qaiser Raza is the Director Operations for Secur Global Pvt. Ltd. with 30 years of proven success and logistics excellence. His areas of expertise include Camp Logistics services, Deployment Logistics services, Re-deployment Logistics services, In-Theater movement & sustainable logistics services, Warehousing, Transit terminals, Import & Export clearance service in Pakistan at all major Ports & Airports, Transit Clearance, Packing services for export shipments (Commercial, Diplomatic & Aid).

    Qaiser has been involved in various ventures like SERVICE SALES CORPORATION, SHARZA INTERNATIONAL, SECURITY PACKERS, ARIANA INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS & TRADING and TTL SHIPING & LOGISTICS. His dynamic expertise on customs regulations in Pakistan & the region for all type of import and export, of Commercial, Non Commercial, Relief, Aid, Diplomatic, Non Diplomatic UN agencies and privileged shipments; A thorough knowledge on Afghan Transit trade regulations for shipment of various categories inclusive of knowledge of US, ISAF Forces & Food supply shipments and procedural requirements of transit trade. Qaiser has versatile experience as earth quake relief project inclusive of camp logistics and house management services.



    Popularly known as “Maju” amongst his friends and peers. He is the 3rd Generation of the Mavalvala family of entrepreneurs which has more than 50 years of experience in running various businesses with a great deal of success. Maju has a vast and diversified professional background ranging from textile to port terminal operations. His range of experience covers Project Planning and Execution, Business Development, Client Negotiation, operational planning, budgeting/forecasting, inventory management, logistics and supply chain management, inventory control and negotiations with national and international clients.

    At Secur Global Maju is one of the Directors and Point Person for all major projects undertaken by the company. His responsibilities include Strategic Operational Planning and complete logistical solutions. His people skills are beneficial in liaison with clients and relevant authorities ensuring that transportation management is carried out swiftly and that the clients’ jobs get done expeditiously in the shortest possible time cycle.

  • Zahid J Yaqub

    Director-Business Development

    Zahid J. Yaqub, former Secretary of Customs, FBR, Islamabad has joined Secur Global as Director Business Development. His role includes sales and client relationship management, tracing new markets and evolving trends, developing and proposing new strategic partnerships, and assist with guidance of long-term objectives to meet business requirements.

    Zahid has over 30 years of experience in different sectors including Public Administration, Engineering, Agriculture, Health Care, Political Economy and Trade & Development. Zahid has various qualifications include MBBS, CTP, STP and number of business related certifications from renowned universities and institutions of the world.

  • Faaiz Ajaz

    Business Analyst

    Faaiz Ajaz is Business Analyst at Secur Global. Faaiz has worked with international organizations including Hagler-Bailly, Tetra Tech, Action Aid, USEFP, Energy Research centre Maryland, Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre USA on various environmental and developmental verticals. Faaiz has specialized in Environment, Development and Policy from University of Sussex, Brighton UK and obtained certification in sustainability from University of Oregon, Eugene USA. His undergraduate degree was in Environmental Science from University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Junior Business Analyst

    Waseem Ahmed is the junior business analyst at Secur Global (Involved in research stuff), Waseem is supporting SG on daily operations and management in Islamabad office utilizing his expertise regarding in-depth evaluation and verification of the capabilities of system. Working closely with the organization management in order to identify their customer needs and establish ways upon which customer needs can be met for their maximum benefit and satisfaction.

    His Masters in Finance degree from Bahria University, led him to become a Project Manager in a Software house, specialization in Marketing and Finance earlier.

  • Sara Aftab Cheema

    ICT & Networks Associate

    Sara Aftab Cheema is our Research Assistant and Technology consultant.

    She graduated as a Telecom Engineering and Mastered in Telecommunications and Networks from NUST. Her services at Secur Global range from providing assistance in Tech Projects regarding Design & Planning, to Research and expedite Project Activities. She supports in Implementation of ICT strategies and implementation of new technologies along with Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing. She also assist with Business Intelligence, Provision of web management services and Writing Endeavors given her technical background in series with her being a published Tech Writer.


    Electrical Engineer and “Office Guru”

    Muhammad Usman Alam is an Engineer by profession and is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council. Alongside his Electrical Engineering degree from one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, National University of Sciences and Technology; he has a certification in Health Safety and Environment Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management accompanied with numerous projects in his field, giving him a solid footing in both engineering and management.

    Usman brings expertise in project management, technology management, design, legal and contract Engineering. He is actively engaged in research analysis and deployment of systems and services for process improvement, automation and analyzing the organization with integration to technology. Usman is also working as an Innovator and Manager for Secur Global Group of Companies.


    Admin support Officer

    Tariq Arif provides administration support and assists Secur Global in daily operations from inventory management to accounts to security clearance to asset management. His role in Secur Global ranges from managing office stock, preparing regular financial and administration reports, expenses and office budgets) and organizing company records. He is the point of contact for all employees, providing administrative support and managing their queries, Distribution and Storing correspondence (e.g. letters, emails and packages), along with Arranging travel and accommodations for company employees, and also Scheduling in-house and external events.

    Tariq Arif has worked with World Bank for more than ten years.

Our Partners

Secur Global is backed with the combined strength of Al Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT) and Security Packers (SP) to provide a complete logistics solution through a single channel. The perpetual joint venture between AICT and SP has resulted in the emergence of Secur Global as a rapidly growing company in Pakistan with a comprehensive array of services in fifth party logistics solutions.


AICT – Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Ltd. (AICT) is Pakistan's premier off-dock container terminal. Located close to the Karachi port, AICT has been serving a growing number of import and export customers from Pakistan's shipping and freight forwarding industry since business operations commenced in 2001. Their 800,000 sq. ft. terminal and 30,000 sq. ft. indoor shed space is strategically located near Karachi port and the main industrial zone.

With its state of the art common user Off-Dock Facility, AICT strives to provide high quality and competitively priced services to the shipping and forwarding industry as well as to importers and exporters in Pakistan. We are committed to continuously improving the quality and value of our services and actively participating in the development of modern logistics in Pakistan through the use of new technology, efficient management and a highly motivated workforce.

Security Packers

Security Packers is a “total freight forwarding company” whose core service is handling of house hold goods and personal effects, arranging door to door deliveries on country-wide and world-wide basis by all modes of transportation i.e. sea, land and air, having offices in all major cities of Pakistan and internationally associated all over the world.

We have over the years executed dozens of projects to the best satisfaction and admiration of our clients and have earned reputation of best business practices. If you are looking for a partner with credibility, experience and value in the logistics and supply business in Pakistan, Security packers is the best possible choice.

Security Packers had the honor and privilege of twice receiving from the President of Pakistan “Special Merit Trophy” of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the year 1998-1999 1999-2000 for our meritorious service in providing total logistics support to the projects of national importance in Pakistan in the field of Power generation, Ports, Heavy industries

Crescent Syndicate

Crescent Syndicate etablished in 1929 is a family owned enterprises specialized in Heavy Haulage & Road Transport business. Over the years, we have developed a Tradition of dependability, no matter what odds are we strive hard to provide the best solution for any Specialized & Heavy Haulage requirement of our client. Providing Quality, Professional & Friendly Carrier Services for over seventy nine years. Throughout the length & breadth of Pakistan.

The Company has more then 75 Trailers & 25 Cranes, It gives us a total of 3000 ton loading capacity & 1000 ton lifting Capacity. In order to serve the industry with Safety & Quality we Certify them from 3rd Parties and Train our staff to work in difficult situations. With over 79 years in the business, as a trucking company, Crescent Syndicate is just plain reliable. We've seen and experienced nearly every transportation challenge there is. You can count on the right specialized driver, the right equipment, and safe, timely arrivals.

Sinotrans Ningxia

Secur Global has a number of fruitful and constructive partnerships with significant players in the field, including SinoTrans Ningxia. Sinotrans Ningxia is one of the leading global integrated logistic service provider in China, their end to end supply chain solutions assimilate the freight Services (Ocean, Air, Road & Rail), Shipping, warehousing and distribution along with terminal services and international express. Through the memorandum of understanding developed under this partnership, SG is able to tap in to a key logistics services market, opening up a number of business possibilities. Clients acquired through this partnership are provided the full range of logistics services delivered by both Secur Global, as well as SinoTrans Ningxi. In addition to the Chinese market, this partnership is anticipated to extend to opportunities in Iran and Afghanistan, with further regional expansion planned.

Our Affiliations

  • Belt and Road Service Connections (BNRSC)

    The company is also member of various international logistics networks and associations. As a prominent member of BNRSC China, an international service resource platform of technical and regulatory experts from public private sector, we fully support BNRSC in their national Belt and Road strategy through R & D activities and assisting enterprises of countries along ‘B & R’ economic zone in investment opportunities and R & D activities in support of belt and road national strategy!

  • Cofounded Belt and Road Industrial Cooperation Alliance (BRICA)

    Secur Global’s commitment to advance logistics and transportation realm, led to the formulation of Belt and Road Industrial Cooperation Alliance (BRICA). As a co-founder with ministry of Industry and Information technology of People’s Republic of China, we are assisting BRICA in analyzing policies and strategies, in establishment of digital Silk Road public portal, strengthening of industrial parks, setting up of fund of the belt & road industrial development and to promote cultural communication between to the countries and other B & R countries.


    Secur Global maintains healthy logistics management alliances with Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA) to promote and contribute to global and local freight services industry whilst supporting PIFFA in their aims of achieving the highest degree of standardization in the industry.


    Secur Global is honored to link up with Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés (FIATA), the largest non-governmental association with significant and impactful global presence in international freight service industry

  • BAR

    Secur Global takes pride in being part of British Association of Removers, dedicated to promote professional excellence in the removals industry.

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Head Office: 3rd Floor, Dean Arcade, Clifton Block 8, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: +92 21 3587 4197 / 3586 2305-8

Islamabad Office: 3-A, 1st Floor, Sitara Plaza, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: +92 51 282 5657 / 282 8877 / 873 6544

Lahore Office: Suite 49, 2nd Floor, Gulberg Centre, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan

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